How to Spend 2 Days in Santa Barbara with Young Kids

Location: Santa Barbara, CA

Guess what!! We finally took the kids out and visited Santa Barbara this past weekend! It was an easy 3.5 hours drive from Irvine to Santa Barbara (we made a few stops to get the kids out and stretch their legs) but we made it there safely. My husband and I was quite impress that we were able to do alot in just TWO DAYS. It was exhausting, but it was well-worth the effort. Make sure you pack your diaper bag and get ready to have fun because there are so many things to do and see in this town. Also make sure to bring your camera because Santa Barbara is truly the cutest place ever. Okay, lets get started. . .

  1. We visited a small town named Solvang which is literally right by Santa Barbara! We wanted to go see their popular Danish-style architecture and the very popular Old Mission Santa Ines. I promise you will love this town!
  2. Superior Court Of California County Of Santa Barbara (The best backdrop for instagram photos!) You can hangout here, have a picnic, take pictures. It felt more like a PARK then a court house.
  3. Santa Barbara Botanic Garden (Address: 1212 Mission Canyon Rd, Santa Barbara, CA 93105) The most beautiful place ever (check out our video down below!!)
  4. Old Mission Santa Barbara (it was literally down the street from the botanic garden.)
  5. Stearns Wharf (I wish Newport would offer a place like this for us in Orange County. 🙂 Super cute and fun for the kids.
  6. Lotusland (You must reserve ahead of time, but here’s the phone: (805) 969-9990)
  7. Butterfly Beach – the most stunning sunset EVER! Bring your camera or your GoPro!
  8. Stop by Arroyo Burro County Beach Park in the afternoon and chase your kids around.
  9. The Santa Barbara Scenic Drive – it was very relaxing drive.
  10. Casa Del Herrero (It was designed by George Washington Smith, the Spanish colonial revival estate.)

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  1. 8.7.20
    Viano said:

    Two days is a short time to cover all these places. It definitely would be exhausting— even more with kids. But since you all had a great time, let’s agree with you— it was worth it. These seem like fun activities too.

    • 8.8.20
      admin said:

      It was exhausting, but the town is really small so they were 5-10 minutes apart from each other & we spent a few hours at each spot. You have to see all 10 places if you’re only going to visit Santa Barbara one time or you will miss the best things in life 🙂 Seriously the cutest town around!

  2. 8.8.20

    Great list and loving the vibe of the place through your pictures! We would absolutely enjoy visiting Butterfly beach and watching a sunset there, sounds so dreamy! Marking this list for future travels 🙂

    • 8.8.20
      admin said:

      Thank you for stopping by! Come Visit us here in Sunny SoCal anytime!!!!

  3. 8.8.20

    You had me at “Instagram photos” 😂 Whilst I know life can’t always be picture-perfect, I still love a good opportunity to take some pretty photos! I just love being behind the camera – and this place looks really beautiful!

  4. 8.8.20
    Kristine Nicole Alessandra said:

    Beautiful place! If I had the chance to be there, I’d like to stay a bit longer. Although my kids are grown ups now, I am sure they’d love to take tons of pictures so that alone would eat up most of our time. Haha. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  5. 8.8.20
    Dris Wallace said:

    Thanks for sharing! We love Santa Barbara so much!

  6. 8.9.20
    Aaliziyah said:

    Your pictures are wonderful!!!!! This place is really a work of art. The facade in the first photo is just magnificent! I

  7. 8.9.20
    Aaliziyah said:

    Your pictures are wonderful!!!!! This place is really a work of art. The facade in the first photo is just magnificent! I love it!!! Thank you for sharing!!!

  8. 8.9.20
    Chei said:

    What a wonderful place. I hope i can visit here by next year after this pandemic.

  9. 8.9.20
    di said:

    Love Santa Barbara. We live about an hour away and don’t go nearly enough. The architecture is so pretty, such a beautiful city!

  10. 8.9.20
    Melanie said:

    Santa Barbara looks like a lovely place, so glad that you had a lovely time.

  11. 8.9.20

    I have always said Santa Barbara is the best of both worlds – ocean & mountains! Your post showed me there is even MORE! Can’t wait to get up there and check some of these suggestions out!

  12. 8.9.20
    Jules said:

    Sounds like a great itinerary!I can’t imagine it was easy traveling with little kids too

  13. 8.10.20
    Cocoa Mom said:

    They you for showing kid- friendly things to do during this time. All of the places se inexpensive, which is a plus.

  14. 8.10.20
    blair villanueva said:

    A short trip is still a blessing! Glad you guys had a great time in Santa Barbara. My relatives says it was an amazing place to live permanently too.

  15. 8.11.20
    Kemi said:

    Love the architecture and the palms! Definitely a very sunny and east summer vibe I’m feeling from you. 2 days is short but i you hit all the key points, worth it!

  16. 8.13.20

    Great tips for parents traveling with kids! I would love to visit Santa Barbara right now!

  17. 8.19.20
    Ketki said:

    Gorgeous photos. We love visiting Santa Barbara too. And Solvang is really pretty, those windmills!!!