5 Useful Baby Products I Wish I Had as a New Mom

When I became pregnant with my first born, Olivia I received so many reviews and suggestions from Mommy friends on what to buy and not to buy that I didn’t know where to start. I struggled with “must have” items to baby products I saw on Instagram that was so cute. I was feeling overwhelmed and I can only imagine what you’re going through right now! Through trials and errors, I found some really great baby products I love and I know you will too!

Here are my top 5 must haves for new moms:

  1. RockerMama: I actually saw this on Ellen! But this product is made to keep you comfortable while you rock your baby to sleep and/or rock your baby while you feed them. It’s easy on your back and easy to carry around!
  2. Sollywrap: believe me when I say you will need a good baby carrier! Lets start with the fact that it’s super soft and doesn’t irritate baby skin. I love the design of the wrap keeping baby and I skin close which allows her to sleep comfortably on my chest! I love that it’s light (obviously it’s a wrap) and doesn’t take much room in your diaper bag.
  3. The Snuggle Me Organic/DockAtot: This is by far my favorite from the list and this is why… It gave me a peace of mind as a new mom knowing that my baby is safe and comfortable! I worried about laying them on the bed, crib, sofa or wherever you lay them down without any support. I highly recommend this product!!!!
  4. Backpack Diaper Bag: *hint* backpack You need a baby-friendly diaper bag that will not only carry Baby’s things, but easy to carry around. Overall, you want to think long term because a diaper bag with “one arm” is cute, but will eventually hurt your shoulder and you will have to buy another diaper bag.
  5. A really GOOD Breast pump if you’re going to breastfeed and/or pump. I know everyone always tell you to check your insurance because they will give you a free one, but a free/not so great breast-pump is not worth it. I was able to exclusively pump with my first baby for a year because I had a good breast-pump! However, with my second baby I only used the free breast pump I received from Kaiser and I only pumped for 3 months total this time around!

What are some of your must have’s for baby? Is there anything you can’t live without that I left off of the list?

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  1. 7.8.19
    Tania said:

    I’m not a new mom. But my girlfriend had two month old baby. And as I read I realized she has these very same items. Very helpful. Even if your not a mom it a great ideas for gifts.

  2. 7.8.19
    Renata said:

    Such a great post for new mamas and pregos!!!! Love this!

    • 7.9.19
      admin said:

      Thank you Renata! I’m glad you found this helpful!