7 Tips For Moms on What To Wear For Family Photos In Southern California

As a fashion mama… fashion obviously is so important to me and I plan months ahead before I even look into a photographer. Because if you don’t have the right outfit then you just don’t have it right. . . lol!? Fashion bring the entire look together so today I am going to help you plan for your photoshoot whether that’s for maternity, newborn, or family… Remember these simple 7 rules and I promise you will never regret paying your photographer.

  • Girls/Mamas/Ladies: ALWAYS wear a flowy maxi dress!
  • Stick with light pastel colors and I promise you’ll get the dreamiest/prettiest photos!
  • Choose a color palette with your location in mind.
  • Go barefoot or wear your highest heels!
  • Avoid distracting prints and patterns, but it doesn’t hurt to add a pop of color to your outfit.
  • Think about your home decor and chose an outfit you can hang on your wall.
  • Let your family personality shine-through! Tell a joke, sing a song, gaze into each other eyes, and give your children some kisses!

Here are some of my favorite summer dresses:

“The most important thing in the world is family and love.”

Location: Thomas F. Riley Wilderness Park

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