8 Ways to Get Noticed on LinkedIn

Did you know LinkedIn has millions of job postings? Yes, you heard right — millions!!!!! What I love about LinkedIn is that the platform is committed to help you find your next dream job! Most importantly, the right job. As a matter of fact, LinkedIn is the only social media platform that you should be on if you’re a professional trying to advance your career.

A wise man once said, “stop waiting for your dream job and go ask for it!” Another wise man also said, “opportunities don’t fall from the sky, you create them!” Here are 8 easy steps to land on your next dream job & get noticed on LinkedIn.

1. Create a LinkedIn account| HERE

2. Add a photo. It helps you build credibility with others and be authentic. It doesn’t need to be perfect or professionally shot. Just choose a photo that shows the real you.  

“Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right.” Henry Ford

3. Location | Details are good and when you add your location, you’re more likely to be contacted by recruiters and employers about jobs in your area.

4. Summary | This is your career snapshot. Think of it as your personal “elevator pitch.” Describe what you do and highlight your strengths.

5. Experience | Starting with your current position, write about projects, accomplishments, and the value you bring to your team and organization.

6. Pictures and Videos | Adding media is a great way to engage other people. Posting photos, videos, and more helps you tell your professional story in eye-catching ways.

7. Education | Be sure to include where you went to school and what you studied. People who list these details get up to 11x more profile views.

8. Endorsements | Add skills you want to be known for—and that your connections can endorse you for. Every new endorsement adds credibility to your profile.

Good Luck and Happy Hunting!

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  1. 6.4.20
    Renee said:

    I have a LinkedIn profile but I’ve never really done a lot with it. Thank you so much for these great and helpful tips

  2. 6.5.20

    I used to have an account for Linkedin and was a good source of traffic but my account got suspended and lost it. I will get back and follow these awesome tips and ways.

  3. 6.5.20
    Brooke r said:

    I have never use LinkedIn, thank you for introducing me

  4. 6.5.20
    Alyssa said:

    Oh yes, I definitely love LinkedIn when it comes to getting clients online! That’s where my clients found me and I’m truly grateful that I utilize this platform. The organic reach is amazing!

  5. 6.5.20
    Cassie said:

    I’m just starting to really get into LinkedIn, thank you for your helpful tips

  6. 6.5.20

    Great post, thank you I think it is very hard to be noticed on any social media, to just LinkedIn, so every help is great

  7. 6.5.20
    Neil Alvin said:

    Cool. I think I need to update my LinkedIn after reading this article. 🙂

  8. 6.5.20

    Interesting post, I keep flicking into and out of Linkedin, I can’t decide if I like it or not.

  9. 6.5.20

    I love LinkedIn and have used it throughout my writing and teaching journey as a way of an online resume for employers and credibility building with my readers. Great tips for beginners!

  10. 6.5.20

    this is a very informative post . will share the same

  11. 6.5.20

    I really need to use LinkedIn more. I know I am missing a lot of opportunities.

  12. 6.5.20
    Mary said:

    I recently just joined LinkedIn and still getting to finish the process, you’ve just made it easier for me. Thanks.

  13. 6.6.20
    Lavern Moore said:

    These are some great tips for Getting noticed on LinkedIn. I can use them right away.

  14. 6.6.20
    catha uy said:

    wow. this is an interesting topic especially for those who are active in linkedin. hope mine will be noticed too

  15. 6.7.20
    aisasami said:

    Thank you for the wonderful tips. I have never thought about placing myself on LinkedIn as you mention in your tips. I try your tips out!

  16. 6.7.20
    Michele said:

    I need to log in to my LinkedIn profile more than once every couple of months.

  17. 6.8.20
    Blair villanueva said:

    I like LinkedIN and I find it the most sane social media network I have. They also got so many useful resources.

  18. 6.8.20

    Wow! I didn’t know you could add all that information to Linked In. I have an old account, but it’s just the basics. Since I haven’t looked for a new job in many years, I’ve never updated it.