A Simple Strawberry Margarita for Valentine’s Day

If you had to pick a single cocktail that you could have for the rest of your life, what would it be? If you were to ask me, serve me an margarita all day ever day (Okay maybe not everyday I’m too old for that and my husband might not like that very much) my life would be made!

The sweet and tart combination plus that salty contrasts tingles my tastebuds! I’m not a tequila drinker, but I can never say no to a glass (or two) of margarita, especially when there are strawberries involved.

Since a lot of places are still closed now and Valentine’s Day is just around the corner I want to help get your dinner ready with an easy margarita recipe you can make at home! I know there’s many ways to make one, but I have been loving this one and I promise you will too! Once you try it I’m sure you’ll be replacing your Friday wine with this one!

But first things first….What Is A Margarita?

History break! So a cocktail expert named David Wondrich shared that my favorite cocktail actually evolved from a drink known as “daisy.” Which was a mix of alcohol, citrus and grenadine served over shaved ice during the 1930’s and 40’s. It had many variations, from gin daisies, whiskey daises and eventually tequila daisies.

The original recipe of a tequila daisy was a mix of tequila (Duh!), orange liqueur, lime juice and a splash of soda. Since “margarita” meant daisy in Spanish, people then coined the tequila daisy as a “margarita” instead. Don’t you just love this trivia? Who would have thought that this tipsy cocktail was named after a daisy!

Is Margarita Good For You?

YESSS! But of course, only in moderation. Margaritas contain some #healthy ingredients which can be great if you have digestion problems. Since a typical glass of margarita calls for an ounce of lime juice, it already provides you with 13% of your recommended daily intake of vitamins C. Isn’t that crazy?

How Do You Make An Orange Margarita? For this margarita recipe, you’ll need the following ingredients:

  • 2 oz. Jose Cuervo Strawberry
  • 1 oz. Tequila
  • 2 oz. Orange juice
  • 1 oz. Lime Juice
  • Jose Cuervo Margarita Salt
  • 5 cube of ice
  • Optional: Mint

And all you need to do is get them shakin (or spoon) in a shaker and voila!

People think it’s difficult to find a great margarita let alone the best margarita. But I’m telling you that you can easily make it at home and adjust the ingredients based on your preference. These orange margaritas are the perfect cocktails that will surely get you going on your next girls night in (yes not out because social distancing!), happy hour, or even Taco Tuesdays!

This simple recipe with an orange/strawberry twist on a classic has always made my day! Whether it was after a shopping day, while the kids are sleeping or girls night out. I always found myself relaxing with a glass of this orange margarita on my hand, so if you’re up for it! Why don’t you try this recipe out?

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