At-Home Teeth Whitening: Does it Work?

Coffee in the morning, coffee in afternoon, even coffee in the evening. Coffee is part of every day life especially for me being a working mom with a very active one year old toddler I easily drank 1-3 cups of coffee a day to keep functioning. However, as my daily intake increased I also started noticing my teeth were staining slightly yellow. Coffee-stained teeth are a big “No” in my book especially since teeth appearance has always been an insecurity of mine. So the question came up, do I give up coffee? There has to be another way.

Well, I have Good News!!! 

For coffee lovers like myself, we don’t have to give it up, because of innovators like Smile Brilliant a company that makes custom-fitted whitening trays right here in the United States! They’ve eliminated dreadful trips to the dentist and without leaving your house they send your teeth whitening packages right to your front door.

Every package includes:

  1. Professional Lab Service
  2. Custom-fitted Teeth Whitening Trays
  3. 2 Impression Trays
  4. 3 Sets of Impression Material
  5. 3-Way Postage
  6. Professional Teeth Whitening Gel & Desensitizing Gel
The whitening gel formula works by soaking into the teeth and gently lifting stains out the pores. No product on the market can remove deep stains in a 20 minute session so don’t be fooled by gimmicks. True penetration beyond the superficial enamel happens after 40 minutes. Your custom-fit trays ensure the gel stays in even contact with every angle of every tooth.

The desensitizing gel is formulated to help eliminate tooth sensitivity caused by whitening and prevent re-staining in the process.

I’ve never felt more proud and confident with my smile. It is truly the perfect touch Ive been looking to whiten my teeth without causing sensitivity and especially without having to spend a fortune. Its an easy process and the company has a great team who was quick to respond to all my questions and specialize in my needs.

From start to finish, my teeth has gotten two shade whitener and I hate to brag, but even my dentist complimented my teeth during my appointment last week! I am so satisfied with the results that I decided to partner with Smile Brilliant and do a giveaway for one lucky winner!!


Enter the Giveaway:

The giveaway is for a $149 Smile Brilliant credit. It is open for 2 weeks and open to USA, UK, Australia and Canadian residents. 15% off coupon code: notesbycheeia15 @

Photographer: TRACY HANG

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    Wow, you're teeth are so white! You look gorgeous. Love the dress! <3

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