How To Plan a Romantic Picnic for Two in Southern California

Who loves picnics? Raise your charcuterie boards if you do!! Picnics by the beach is one of the reasons why my family loves Southern California, after all, we get the sun, family, and fun. With everything that’s been happening and all these travel restrictions, my husband and I have been brainstorming for weeks on how to celebrate our anniversary. Since our kids have been missing feeling the sand between their toes, we’ve decided to bring our picnic tradition back. To make our day extra special, we wanted to add some dazzle to our anniversary celebration and boy did Cali Picnics make my, (Yes, I call the mimosa shots here!) Pinterest-Esque picnic dreams come true!

Ever heard of the saying “you bring your own weather to the picnic?” Well, I must say, it doesn’t get more L.A than the vibe curated by Calic Picnics for my family. Cali Picnics is a luxury picnic table delivery that creates bespoke and unmatched picnics. Whether it’s an anniversary, bachelorette, proposal, birthday party or other special occasions, they always bring their A-game to the picnic table.

When we arrived at our perfect picnic spot, everything was already set up, ready, and waiting for us to enjoy our charcuterie board and toast to the moment. Compared to having a DIY picnic, this was a walk in the park. I no longer had to worry about whether the drinks were still cool, or if I’ve packed enough snacks for everyone. We had the best two hours of fun under the sun! I couldn’t stop swooning over the customized design of our picnic setup. The palette of rugs, blankets, and fringe umbrella which I really wanted to take home really complimented the sunset! The Cali Picnics team brought my vision to life, they knew exactly how to make it family-friendly and romantic at the same time. The sky’s the limit with Cali Picnics, they even gave us the option to upgrade our experience, adding a cheeseboard, fresh flower arrangements, and a mini photo session with a seasoned photographer for our anniversary. I mean, who wouldn’t want a photographer for this Kodak moment? Our picnic by the beach was a testament to their commitment to crafting luxury multi-sensory experiences for everyone.

Everything about this alfresco fine dining experience has redefined the typical red and white plaid setup, with saran-wrapped sandwiches and juice boxes. The icing on top is the worry-free cleanup after enjoying this amazing experience. All we had to do was stand up, and walk away (which was really hard for me by the way since I really loved the setup and wanted to bring them home with me).

This romantic date is one for the books and by far another keeper date in the 7 years, we’ve been together. I know how I’m going to spend the last few months of 2020, it’s going to be filled with these rustic picnics with charcuterie boards and of course mimosas!

Custom Picnics: @calipicnics

Floral Design: @ahlesfleurs

Stationery: @saltpaperco

Local Wine: @sunnywithachanceoflowers

Pâté & Charcuterie: @3pigspate

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  1. 10.1.20
    Lourdes said:

    This is adorable. I haven’t seen something like this in Florida yet. I love the concept.

  2. 10.2.20
    Bri said:

    My goodness, it’s stunning!!!

  3. 10.2.20
    Ashley t said:

    oh my goodness this is too cute. would love to do something like this for my husband

  4. 10.2.20

    Your pictures are beautiful! I would love to have a picnic date like this!

  5. 10.2.20

    I love the deco. Beautiful.

  6. 10.3.20

    what a lovely idea for a picnic. I love time with hubby outdoors.

  7. 10.3.20
    vidya said:

    this is simply so pretty…

  8. 10.4.20

    This is so beautiful, I’ll add California in my bucket list, I have never gone there.

  9. 10.4.20
    Angeline said:

    Beautiful! You take amazing pictures and this looks absolutely wonderful as a social distancing idea.

  10. 10.5.20
    Marysa said:

    What a lovely picnic! You thought everything through; this would certainly be a memorable experience.

  11. 10.5.20

    As someone who lives inland far, far away from any ocean, this looks simply stunning and idyllic! Love the concept and you pulled it off so well!