How to Shop For Multiple Kids On a Budget

Hello fashion mamas, or any mamas who’s reading this post! I want you to know that you have reach the right place and as a fashion mama, I am going to give you valuable tips on how to shop smarter, not harder and how to save your time and energy when it comes to shopping for multiple kids. The million dollar question is where can you buy budget-friendly clothes, but still good quality pieces that your kids will love without breaking the bank?! I am a firm believer that quality is better than quantity, but I also know kids grow up so fast and it does not make sense to go out and buy expensive clothes when they will only wear it once or twice, right?!

Here are some of my buying secrets as a mom of two:

Buying Secret #1- Make sure to always buy one size up instead of buying their actual size. This will save you alot of money and short trips to your local shopping mall or stores. For me personally, I always buy 2 size larger than their actual size and the idea is that my girls can wear the pieces for the next two years or so. Plus oversized clothes are considered high fashion so you can’t lose with this one.

Buying secret #2- is to buy clothes your kids will love and wear. Try to avoid buying clothes “you” want them to wear. Kids are smart and they will stop allowing you to dress them up. This happens after they turn 2 years old or even sooner so don’t get too excited!? It is extremely important that you understand how a little human brain works so shop smarter and not harder.

Buying secret #3- so you’re probably wondering if you will ever get to dress them up? Don’t worry, I still dress my girls up in cute little outfits, BUT the only reason I am able to do that is because I only let them chose clothes from clothing stores I personally love. Sure, I don’t get to pick out which outfit, but at least picking out the right stores will still give them a variety of cute clothes to choose from. This is what I call shopping smarter hehe!

Buying secret #4 only shop during the Holidays and enjoy the extra 50% off! Oh and duh, don’t miss out on the gems you might find in their clearance rack!

From dresses to everyday outfits, special occasion clothes to just chillin’ attires… Here is my top ten list of little girl shops where I am sure you will find some great, affordable and trendy stuff:

  1. Tillys is MY FAVORITE kid store that carry laidback surfer chic in styles. It’s a great store for Cali babies and they have a cute selection of swimwear!
  2. Cotton On Kids has the cutest printed tiny tees, casual co-ords in the prettiest pastels
    (they got me at pastel colors, I know), jumpers, and cool summer dresses. The style
    is just laidback, but very cool Cali girls, I love it!
  3. My kids look so cool and stylish when I get them some pieces from Zara. The clothes
    are well-made, very current, very fashionable, but still, age-appropriate.
  4. H&M Kids feels like a cross between casual clothing but still put-together. I’d be reaching for
    some H&M if I had to bring the girls somewhere like the doctor’s office.
  5. SheinKids is a good store to check out if you don’t have a lot of time to browse for different
    outfits for different occasions. I like the extensive selection of party dresses you can
    choose from at a very affordable price. Yes, they are good a real legit online store and shipping is fast.
  6. Baby Gap I feel is a bit more functional, everyday wear for the girls. I really love their lounge wear for kids! I love the material and during the Holidays it is always an extra 50% off which I freaking love.
  7. Nordstrom price point that leans a bit more high-end, but I always look here when we have a special event and I want something very nice for the girls.
  8. I get most of the girls’ tutu dresses from IlovePlum! They’re just super fun and girly! Both girls wore IlovePlum tutus for their first birthdays so make sure to check them out! I promise you will love their store and want to buy everything. Also I think they make great gifts for new moms who are having little girls!
  9. What can’t you not find on Amazon? This is my go-to for the basic stuff like little girl undies,
    colorful socks, comfy leggings… Must-haves that are budget-friendly enough to stock up
    on and shipping is fast!
  10. Etsy is a good store to explore!!! Don’t ignore Esty shops because they variety of styles that you can’t find anywhere else. Also, I love to support small shops because they are just as deserving and I will buy here to specifically show my love and appreciate! But they do really have fun stuff like tutus and head bows.

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What are your go-to stores for kids? Any new ones I should be checking out? Let me know in the comment box below!

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  1. 4.3.21
    Song said:

    Your girls are such fashionistas! Great tips on buying clothes for little ones! I noticed my son, Zac being more and more picky about his clothes and if he doesn’t like the outfit he will take it off. Those kids are too smart! 😉