Does Fertility Acupuncture Really work?

So, what’s next?

You’ve gone to the doctors and your lab work shows that everything is normal, but you’re still not getting pregnant. Now, you’ve been trying for over one year and nothing is happening so maybe, just maybe, you’ve considered IVF?

Let’s keep it real! There is nothing more stressful than a mama who is trying to get pregnant. At least for me, it was the most challenging period of my life and it tested my patience to the core. If you’re at this point, then I have one alternative that you’ve likely never heard of: Fertility Acupuncture! Yes, you read that correctly! Before I go into further details I will say that I am a woman of faith and I solely believe that our plans in life may only be fulfilled by the mercy, grace & goodness of God alone. However, I believe God is a gracious God and by that he has bestowed unthinkable knowledge into special individuals-and this is the blessing in disguised that helped me get pregnant!

So, fertility Acupuncture- Does it work? How does it really work? What are the requirements? How many sessions do I need before I get pregnant? Is this a scam? Is this even for real? How fast did you get pregnant through Acupuncture? All these questions came to mind when a cousin introduced me to fertility acupuncture. To be honest, I wasn’t interested at first so after ignoring the idea for about a year… let’s just say the only regret I had was not going in sooner! However, I will say this much I got pregnant after 1/2 month (45 days) of seeing my fertility acupuncturist this is after 3 years of actively trying to have a baby and one miscarriage. 

If you’ve read this far than I know you’re interested to learn more!

Acupuncture is simple and the whole treatment goal is really “how to maintain a better diet and keep track of  your resting basal temperatures.” Dr. Lee explained that our “eggs” are to be treated just like a regular chicken egg. We’re aiming to make the perfect egg for fertilization, not one that’s under cooked or hard boiled. For that reason, in terms of fertility acupuncture our basal temperatures need to be just right. Too high of a basal temperature actually damages your eggs and too low can actually mean other unknown underlying issues with your reproductive system. So keeping track of your basal temperatures will let you know how healthy your eggs are. The key is to maintain a basal temperature of 97.2-97.4 before ovulation and 98.2-98.4 after ovulation. (Example: if you had sex on the day of ovulation but your basal temperature is below or higher than 97.2-97.4 will only drop unhealthy eggs, therefore, you would still have a hard time getting pregnant.)  Which is why its extremely crucial to track your basal temperatures to understand what is really going on with your body. And to achieve better body temps is simply through treatments and your diet! Dr. Lee’s diet plan was simple: no dairy, no beef & no cold drinks/foods.

Does Fertility Acupuncture Really work? I mean… you tell me. 

If you’re interested to learn more or hear more about my experience please email me at I am here to answer any questions or concerns you may have and I would just simply love to hear your story!

Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer. Romans 12:12 

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  1. 7.3.19
    Miska Sykora said:

    Very inspiring blog! I am a huge believer of acupuncture, I’ve been practicing myself for years now. Happy to see this topic talked about in such a relatable way.
    Keep up the amazing content!
    IG: @miskasykora

    • 7.9.19
      admin said:

      Please share more about your experience with acupuncture! I’ve heard it helps with headaches? back aches? Is this true as well? Thank you for sharing!