Don’t Let Anyone Tell You “No”

Have you ever walked into your favorite clothing store and immediately felt self conscious because you’re no longer the same person: 10 years younger &10 pounds lighter. & you’re not even sure if you’ll be able to pull off anything from that store. Well… don’t worry,  you are not alone –

I used to shop in American Apparel and loved every inch of that store! Then I got pregnant, entered mommy-hood and felt light years older. Along with all that good stuff, my size went up too and nothing fits the way it used to… that’s for sure. Sadly, that meant one thing: I had to break up with American Apparel. I went about my new mom bod life not looking back until recently my curiosity lead me back to America Apparel’s website and I actually purchased this really cute top that I absolutely think “mommies” can totally rock!

I decided to pull out all my favorite pieces from my closet and compared where I “currently” shop at, to clothing stores I “used” to shop at and found that all my favorite clothing pieces were very similar in style. Although it’s obvious that many of my favorite clothing stores cater to a younger age group and may not be “mom” styles, but it definitely shouldn’t discourage moms to step in- because after all we may still find something fitting to our taste there. I’ve come to realize that my personal style remains the same no matter which store I shop from. Final verdict….Yes, MOMS ARE allowed to shop here!

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  1. 12.4.18
    Unknown said:

    Great post! I feel like that sometimes, but just like you said I still look and sometimes I find pieces that cater to my style and taste xoxo

  2. 1.29.19

    Definitely, Thank you for your input and dropping by! 🙂