Current Obsession: Wildflowers & Spring Dresses

Spring is here! And I am all for this season’s fashion trends. Floral prints and flowy dresses, peek-a-boo cut-outs, fabulous feather trimmings, immaculate whites, body-baring bralettes, wide-legged pants, and sheer layers, oh my heart! I cannot wait to get stylin’. Go check out some beautiful pieces curated by Marie Claire here.

Speaking of Spring, fashion, and styling… I have been shopping alot even though we are only home, but I figured since Easter is next month, it’s the perfect time to dress up for photos. As a fashion mama, I find pastel colors to be so suiting for the spring season and I mean, who doesn’t love a pretty pastel? Plus the colors just look fab in photos.

This season also make me think about the outfits my momma used to dress me up in. Do you remember those frilly Sunday frocks with matching giant hair bows, dainty socks, and tiny Mary janes? Ahh, the 90s! And as lovely as I may have looked, I sure didn’t feel like it. Those dresses were uncomfortable, itchy, and made with fabric that made me sweat, ugh! You know what I’m talking about, right? I’m betting you also have photos of yourself looking miserable and just about ready to rip your dress off so you could breathe.

Thank goodness times have changed and there are more child-friendly dresses available in the market. My girls will. not. have. it. if I were to dress them in something uncomfortable. What can I say, they have the same discerning taste as moi, lol!

For Easter, I am going to start a new family tradition for my girls by putting them in matching cute outfits and then do a Easter egg hunt. We stayed home last year due to covid-19, but this year I will probably set up a picnic for us and do a Easter egg hunt. You probably feel my excitement too? I know I know, I’m getting way ahead of myself with the planning, but I love getting the girls out of the house and plan activities for the girls to do. I don’t want them to grow up missing out on regular activities because of the pandemic, so I do try my best to be creative and give them as much normal as I can.

How about you guys, what are your Easter plans? Would love to hear about them too!



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    Song said:

    the cutest family! <3