Fall Is Here! But, Is It Safe to Go Pumpkin Picking This Year?

How to safely go pumpkin picking, enjoy a hayride and do other fall favorites.

This year we had to forego many fall activities because of the pandemic and it broke my heart that we might have to cancel our pumpkin patch tradition as well. However, after reading reviews on their website, I was reassured that the safety of people was their priority and that gave me the confidence to bring Olivia. After all, what’s autumn without pumpkins?!

Normally, you can just drive up to the pumpkin patch farm and hangout with the entire family. But due to covid-19, they only offered two options at the farm this year.

  1. Drive-thru Experience

2. U-Pick Pumpkin Wagon Ride

Our choice was obvious and we chose the wagon ride. The tour was $25 and the ride was about 45 minutes long. It included fun facts about farming and a pumpkin canon show. We also stopped by and visited their farm animals. They dropped us off at the sunflowers and we walked over to pick opinions and cilantros. We ended the day at the pumpkin patch and Olivia picked out the cutest pumpkin for her sister, Kaitlyn.

Tanaka Farms is hands down one of our favorite pumpkin patches in Orange County. Tanaka Farms turned their 30 acre farm into a magical pumpkin patch. They had all shape and size of pumpkins. They had scarecrows, hays and tons of photo props every where. During the tour, we also met their farm animals and picked opinions and cilantros. Boy! Tanaka Farms sure knows how to keep the Halloween spirit alive.

They took serious precautious to keep everyone safe at the pumpkin patch. All visitors were required to take their temperatures before they enter the wagon and wear a mask throughout the entire duration. They only allowed a certain amount of people at a time and encouraged everyone to social distance by standing 6 feet apart. (Notice how empty the pumpkin patch looked in our photos, but don’t worry we still had a lot of fun!)

I wish you could have seen Olivia’s face and hear her laughs. Olivia had the biggest smile and her eyes were gleaming with excitement. I’m so glad we went to Tanaka Farms and had this time together.

Keep in mind that this tour is only available during weekdays. On Saturday and Sundays, they only offer the drive-thru experience. Grab your mask, your family — and start planning your pumpkin patch adventure before October 31st, 2020. If you’re visiting Southern California soon- then make sure to check out: Riley’s Farm 


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  1. 10.28.20

    That is the perfect way to celebrate fall.

  2. 10.28.20
    Bri said:

    We went to one too with our girls and they did a great job with the restrictions/ still having a great time!

  3. 10.29.20
    Gervin Khan said:

    We all know that fall season is also the time for pumpkin picking and curving but right now, me and my husband decided not to do this activity for our and everyone else safety.

  4. 10.29.20
    Ashley T said:

    We took our kids to two different patches and had a great time.

  5. 10.29.20

    This looks like a wonderful fall experience! We got our pumpkins from a small farm this year, but some bigger farms did still have hay rides.

  6. 10.29.20

    We just did this with our kids. They had so much fun choosing pumpkins! I love that is an outside activity, which makes it safer to do this fall.

  7. 10.29.20
    Krystal Miller said:

    We didn’t do a pumpkin patch this fall, but we are lucky to have a farm stand with pumpkins nearby.

  8. 10.29.20
    Kelly said:

    I took our daughter and told our pediatrician. I got in trouble from the pediatrician. It was my first time out since January 🙁

  9. 10.29.20
    Cristina said:

    Great photos, it looks like so much fun. We don’t have any punpkin patches like this where we live so each fall I feel that we are missing out a bit.

  10. 10.29.20
    Forever Freckled Blog said:

    What a fun trip to the pumpkin patch!

  11. 10.30.20
    Clarice said:

    My sister just told me the other day that they skipped pumpkin picking because of safety reasons. These are really helpful tips and I just shared this with her and perhaps they can still catch up today.

  12. 10.30.20
    Angeline said:

    Love your pictures! We picked a pumpkin patch that’s the least crowded to still practice social distancing.

  13. 11.13.20

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  14. 11.13.20
    erotik said:

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