How My Miscarriage Changed My Husband’s Attitude (final)

Though it felt like an eternity, we never stopped trying & we never stopped praying for a child. Our hearts weathered through some of the roughest storms but we hung onto God’s faithfulness that he’d provide in His timing. Boy, was he right on time-I found out I was pregnant again EXACTLY one year after my miscarriage!

We cried in joy over the positive pregnancy test but our emotions were quickly overtaken by the past heartaches and the what if’s. Our hearts were guarded and we weren’t fully going to accept this only to be broken again- it’s fascinating how one bad experience can change your entire view. A positive pregnancy test wasn’t enough to make it all feel real especially because I didn’t experience any early pregnancy symptoms as I did before; no morning sickness or feeling fatigue. So before our 1st ultrasound appointment my husband and I talked about the possibility that we could be walking into either good or bad news. We prepared our hearts by talking out the best and worst case scenarios and then to the appointment we went. The doctor began by asking a few questions for the first 10 minutes; every question made my heart race faster & faster with anxiousness! Finally, the moment was at hand ….as I laid down on that table, the Dr. placed the Doppler on my stomach and within a few seconds…..our ears were greeted with the sweetest sound we’ve ever heard….Olivia’s heartbeat.

That sense of certainty, so clear and undeniable bestowed on me and in that very moment God spoke to me through revelation. That dark cloud that followed me for the past year- instantly gone! I heard Him gently whisper in my heart that “this was the moment I wanted to give to you.” I was so overwhelmed by his love for me. My heart was so full, my God is good, God is so good, all the time. We drove home that day with endless praise to God for answering our prayers and being the anchor in our lives. I will never forget my first pregnancy or what it could’ve been. However, in the brokenness I’ve learned that all things broken can be made new again. Our lives do not belong to us but rather to our creator so when we lay down our burdens & hopes to him he will deliver ten folds beyond what the human heart can fathom.

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  1. 5.6.18
    Lucy Yang said:

    Awe… what a wonderful story God has writen for you. He is good all the time. Thank you for the reminder and encouraging hope.

  2. 5.8.18

    Thank you for stopping by Lucy! A small reminder to live by: Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you. Take care!