How to Make Reading Fun for Kids: Priddy Books Review

This summer, with the uncertain times we faced with we spent a lot of time at home so we turned our patio into a reading room. We spent a lot of our time on our patio teaching the girls their A B C’s, colors, numbers, and farm animals. The good news is that Olivia knows all the rainbow colors and can identify some farm animals. BUT we couldn’t have done it without Priddy Books!

Priddy Books are designed to spark a child’s creativity and encourage their development. From classic series like First 100 that teaches babies their first 100 words, numbers, colors, to developing key motor skills through sensory play with the Alphaprints and See Touch Feel series, Priddy Books provide all the tools parents need to help curious little minds grow.

I must say, we purchased all kinds of books, but nothing compares to Priddy Books. Our girls has very short attention span, so it was to our surprise at how much they love reading and learning from Priddy Books! We love that Priddy books are interactive and makes it fun for the girls to touch and feel the farm animals! It’s pretty cool! Must I say more? They’re amazing.

Priddy Books teach motor skills: See, Touch, Feel will stimulate curiosity through sensory play. With raised textures to feel, finger trails to follow, and a shiny mirror to look into, this book is perfect for building language recognition and motor skills.

Explore first colors: Explore baby’s first colors with your favorite animals. Made of fun photographs of everyday things, from fingerprints to fruits, little hands will love exploring the embossed features.

Focus on speech and language: Meet and feel all of the cutest creatures in the animal kingdom, from furry to feathery, and big to small with Bright Baby: Touch and Feel Baby Animals. The rhyming text and touch and feel textures makes this the perfect book for baby to build motor and vocabulary skills.

Typical retail price for each book is as follows: First 100 Numbers, $5.99; See, Touch, Feel, $12.99; Alphaprints: Colors, $9.99; Bright Baby: Touch and Feel Baby Animals, $4.95; and My First Play and Learn Farm, $9.99. PRIDDY BOOKS

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  1. 9.28.20
    Diana said:

    Those books are so cute! Our daughter loves reading. Definitely agree that having bright colors help grab their attention. She also loved the touch and feel and lift a flap, anything that made the book more interactive.

  2. 9.28.20
    Lourdes said:

    These books look like something my kids would love. Love the tiny features

  3. 9.28.20

    My middle child hated reading until she had a great teacher who had a love of reading. Now all she does is read. Such an important thing for every kid.

  4. 9.29.20
    ashley said:

    My 2 year old loves when we read to her and these are great tips to make reading more fun for little ones.

  5. 9.29.20

    my son might enjoy these

  6. 9.29.20
    Leah said:

    My granddaughter loves books. And, she loves books with textures. Thanks so much for sharing these. I’m definitely purchasing some for her.

  7. 9.29.20
    Monica Simpson said:

    We introduced books right away with our kids. I think that has helped them love to read. Books have just always been a part of their lives.

  8. 9.29.20

    My kids would love these books! Thank you for sharing!

  9. 9.30.20

    These books look interesting, I will surly recommend the to my nephew.

  10. 9.30.20

    My daughter loves learning. She loves readingtoo. Thanks for these tips.

  11. 9.30.20

    I love all the photos in this post! So sweet to have these precious mommy and daughter moments.

  12. 10.5.20
    Sarah said:

    What wonderful books. My kids would love them.