How to Stand Out As a New Blogger & Get Brands To Notice You | Part 2

Congratulations on starting your new blog – I am so excited for you and I promise you’re going to have so much fun!!! About 2 years ago, Warby Parker marketing team reached out via email about a new product they were about to launch and wanted to work with me. At that time, I did not know that brand sponsorship was another steam of income for bloggers, but I was over the moon!! After I completed my first paid-campaign with Warby Parker, I decided it was time to step up my game and take my work more seriously.

Believe it or not, companies/brands are ALWAYS looking for influencers/bloggers to promote their products. Therefore, it is imperative that your blog is ready to go, but most importantly, your blog aligns with brands you want to work for. I have been very lucky in the past few years to work with some of my favorite brands like First Aid Beauty, Saturday Skin, Dermalogica, SKIMS, Medela and much more. . . Here’s my secret of what I did that helped me stand out as a new blogger and I know it will help you too.


The most important piece of advice I received as a blogger and I am going to also share with you… your blog, pictures, contents, everything you post- must be COHESIVE! Being cohesive in the social media world means that your brand identity is so clear- we know exactly who you are and what you do! Demographic: ask yourself if your targeted audience is female or male and where are they located? This is important to know because if you have more male following you than your chances of working with clothing brands like Revolve, Shein, Fashionova is pretty SLIM. Bottom line, your contents should never be personal and 100% business.


Be authentically yourself – people are attracted to real people who are genuine and kind. Share your personal story – it’s good and healing to be vulnerable sometimes. I struggled with infertility and I have openly share that on my platform multiple of times. I don’t want people to feel sorry for me, but I genuinely want to help women and connect with them. It’s good to talk about the good, the bad, your failures, your success, everything counts!


It’s important to engage with your readers & connect with them on a personal level! As a matter fact, respond to all your messages including your private messages and follow up with people if you promise to get back to them. It’s important to established strong relationships with everyone and not just brands or people you know & like. Get to know your followers & learn about them. Value them. Cherish them. Talk highly of them. If possible, do giveaways for your followers to show your appreciation. Just FYI- companies/brands do “calculate” your engagement rate before they hire you for a job (I will talk more about this topic on another blog).


You hear it all the time and I will say it again, but you have to commit & post at least once a week. In the long run, you want to post more like 3-5 times a week, but for now once a week is manageable and something I highly recommend! Plus you want brands to see your work and how creative and innovative you are so put it all out there!


As a blogger, you have to set daily, weekly, and monthly goals. After setting goals, write out the steps on how you are going to reach your goals. This will not only help you measure your success, but it will also help you stay on track. If you just started blogging, you might not have many jobs line-up, but there are so many other things you can do to grow your account (again more on this topic coming soon). Remember, the only way you’re going to execute great work is by planning ahead!

There you have it – some simple steps I took that helped me grow as a blogger and I know it will help you grow your business too! Keep in mind that your blog will only grow as much as you want it to grow so make sure to give your blog some extra love by working hard and going the extra mile so you can enjoy it later! Most importantly, have faith in yourself.

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  1. 12.13.19

    Hi Cheeia,

    This was inspiring to read! I am trying to post at least once a week and get this side hustle as a full time hustle. I haven’t given my vision a lot of thought. I need to work on this. Thank you!

    • 12.14.19
      admin said:

      Thank you Nicki! Glad it gave you some ideas! let me know if you ever need help Good Luck and Have Fun!

  2. 12.31.19
    Kristie said:

    This is such great advice and so easy to read! Thank you for sharing!


  3. 1.4.20
    Jamie said:

    Consistency is one of the hardest parts I think. Life happens and things can quickly go down hill.

    • 1.8.20
      admin said:

      One thing that really helps me stay consistent is planning ahead. Write down all your topics, product, places you need to see that month so you feel inspired to write and create!

  4. 1.22.20

    Such a great post very informative! I’m in the process of working on consistency and making sure I stay true to myself and my brand

    • 1.22.20
      admin said:

      That’s great to hear! What has helped me is keep a calendar by my desktop so I hold myself accountable! Email me if you ever need help