‘I knew you before I formed you in the womb.’

Looking back today, I cannot believe that I am 22 weeks pregnant (almost 6 months.) I can still recall those long and lonely nights when I thought I would never get here. I prayed and cried for this baby girl more than I’ve ever prayed for anything else. I felt indifferent and distant from the world and little by little, I settled with the idea that maybe motherhood/parenthood was just not meant for me. Oh those thoughts were just silly.

I believe that our God is a good God. He is a good father who knows His children and desires to give us everything we dreamed of, we hope for and more. My perspective shifted as you can see today that my prayers were answered long ago. Long before I had even pray for this baby girl… He already knew. In Jeremiah 1:5 God revealed Himself in a way that explain why God had placed these kind of desires in our heart. “I knew you before I formed you in the womb.”  I know that God deeply loves me not because of what He’s going to give me but what He has already done for me and even if I never become a mother, I will still continue to serve Him. The amazing thing is… He was just preparing me to be the kind of mother who loves Him first!

At 22 weeks, I am fully energize and currently craving oreo cookies. I drool* when I think of Hmong pepper and I’d like to eat more spicy papaya. I haven’t gain any weight, but don’t worry my midwife said that will come later and I will soon gain weight every week. BTW: My stomach does not look as big as it appears on photos (I guess photos does add a few pounds) confirmed by my family. I can feel my baby girl kick, punch, and jump/roll throughout the day. Other than that, I feel fabulous and I am loving every inch of my growing tummy.   Dress: love, Courtney ballroom Dress Similar Dress: Revolve Gown Similar Earrings: Revolve Tassel Earring

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