How I’m Celebrating International Women’s Day This Year

Hey strong, empowered ladies of the world!! Where you at? Today is International Women’s Day (IWD), one of the most important days of the year that celebrates womanhood. We celebrate worldwide to honor and highlight women’s achievements, raise awareness about gender equality, and continue to call out gender disparity.

This year’s IWD theme is “Choose To Challenge”. And when you begin to challenge, you help spark change. You can learn more about the campaign and participate here.

Of course, the fight for change does not stop at the end of the day. Today serves as a reminder of how far women have come and how much more we need to continue spreading the word.

As a young and cool mom (yess! claiming it! Lol) raising two, beautiful girls, I pray that the world they grow into is a kind, inclusive world. I pray that their love for themselves continues to grow as much as my husband and I love them. I hope they become the strong women I fight for them to be, women who champion women. I am so happy that there is an abundance of positive influences to look up to in media, in the government, and really, just everywhere around us.

With that said, let me kick off today’s festivities by encouraging you, dear reader, to celebrate YOU.

Celebrate the beautiful, messy, perfectly imperfect nooks and crannies of your body, your mind, and your soul. Celebrate the darkness and the shining light that makes you, YOU.

It’s totally tempting to compare and compare what others have and what you don’t (gosh, I know I’ve done that so many times!), but the moment we open our eyes to what we have, the moment that we begin counting our blessings and expressing gratitude, then self-love will flow and radiate. No one’s going to love you more than yourself.

So that’s honoring YOU. Now, let’s come together to honor the beautiful women in our life.

Let’s say “thank you” to our mom, for being the first strong woman role model in our life. Let’s say “thank you” to our older (or could even be younger!) sister, the first coolest gal we looked up to growing up. Let’s say “thank you” to that teacher, mentor, maybe even counselor, the woman who may have seen you struggle to find yourself.

We might not be able to see them and thank them personally because of the pandemic, but a simple voice message or a video chat will do!

Lastly, I ask of you, if you’re not yet doing it, please let’s go support as many bad-ass, women-owned businesses as we can! Women should support women and uplift one another. A few that come to mind (there are a looooot more) are Pang’s Style (for comfortable and stylish dresses) and Gigi Pip (for their well-made hats). Mama loves her flowy dresses and cool-girl hats, hah! So… Let’s support!!

If you know of awesome women-run businesses that we should be rallying behind? Feel free to share in the comment box below! Happy International Women’s Day!


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