The Best Protein Shakes For Kids!!

My husband and I find ourselves constantly worrying about the girls and their picky eating habits. The constant battle over sugar & veggies never ends… most of the food that they love aren’t necessarily dense in protein and we just want to make sure they get all the nutrients they need! So we did some digging… and found ICONIC Protein drinks! As a matter of fact, I have been drinking their cafe latte protein drink for awhile now and I was excited to see a section for my kids at Wholefoods. The shake is full servings of organic vegetables, vitamin D3 & the girls think it’s dessert!!!! @IconicKids

ICONIC is made without GMOs, is lactose-free, gluten-free, soy-free, hormone-free, pesticide-free, & contains no artificial sweeteners or ingredients. It’s a difference your kids will taste, and you will love!

Each serving of ICONIC Kid’s includes 8 grams of complete protein from grass fed cows’ milk, keeping your kids full & focused in the classroom and on the ball-field. Fuel your child’s brain & body with the best quality protein, free from hormones, antibiotics, and artificial ingredients.

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  1. 7.1.20
    Song Lor said:

    I need to get some of these goodies for Zac to try. Awesome post! and my goodness Ms. Kaitlyn is TOO CUTE!

  2. 7.3.20
    Lyosha said:

    I never knew about protein shakes for kids. thanks a great idea! Little ones always want to mimic their parents and it’s hard to explain something is not made for them

  3. 7.4.20

    I’m always worried about my daughter not consuming enough protein. Iconic protein shakes might be a good solution for her.

  4. 7.4.20
    HilLesha said:

    I don’t think I have come across this brand before, but this sounds like something my kids would love. Thanks for the heads up!

  5. 7.5.20
    Kristine Nicole Alessandra said:

    This sounds like a really healthy drink kids will enjoy. I will see if they have this in our local supermarket. Hopefully they do. I want to get them for my grandson.

  6. 7.5.20
    Monidipa said:

    Protein builds the muscles and tissues that help your body run. It also plays a critical role in fighting infections and carrying oxygen throughout your body. Parents of picky eaters or those with athletic children who need energy for high-activity sports might create protein shakes in an effort to ensure their children get adequate protein. Although the extra supplementation is unlikely to harm your child, most children’s regular diets already contain ample amounts of protein. Relying on these shakes as meal substitutes can potentially harm your child’s health by depriving him of important nutrients found in whole foods. These shakes look real good for kids..

    • 7.5.20
      admin said:

      Thank you!!! I agree, they cannot act like a meal replacement! However, they are good when you travel and need a pick-me-up shake! 🙂 Thank you for your informative response. Thank you!

  7. 7.5.20
    Kemi said:

    Healthy shakes are good so long as you’re mindful of ingredients because most of these have high amounts of sugar that you’re trying to avoid.

  8. 7.6.20
    Komal said:

    Never heard of this brand, but I think making sure your kids have enough protein is huge! Need to make up things somewhere!

  9. 7.6.20

    I like that those protein shakes contain organic vegetables. I also like that they don’t contain artificial sweeteners.

  10. 7.6.20

    It’s really handy to find an on the go drink for kids that provides good nutrition, no soda!!! Plus something they enjoy!