Is Pink Blush Maternity Suitable for Petite Pregnant Women?

When I was expecting my first child…

I had a difficult time finding maternity clothes, particularly dresses, for my petite body. Not only am I petite in size, but I am also very short standing only at 4’10 and on good days 5 feet. Every long dress I wore during my first pregnancy had to be paired up with a 3 to 5-inch heel and as you mama knows, being pregnant is already uncomfortable as is and then having to add heels is THE worst.

I am expecting my second pregnancy and this time with identical twin GIRLS! I have learned my lesson in never wearing high heels during my pregnancy (unless it is a very special occasion), so with this pregnancy I was on a hunt to find good fitting maternity dresses suitable for any occasion! That is why I am so happy to share that I found just that through Pink Blush Maternity.

Not only are their dresses suitable for petite women, like myself, their dresses are also super comfortable and stylish for every occasion. My most favorite thing about Pink Blush Maternity dresses has to be the way it makes your baby bump look. The dresses just hugs you in all the right places , hiding whatever you don’t want people to see, while showing off your beautiful bump and curves.

Be sure to check them out they always have amazing discount deals!

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  1. 5.1.20
    Tina said:

    You look gorgeous!! I love the blush color! Your photos are all so pretty. Blessings for a continued healthy mommy and babies!

    • 5.2.20
      admin said:

      You’re amazing. Thank you for your kind words!

  2. 5.2.20
    Tracy said:

    This is so cool for all of the petite ladies out there! You look so beautiful in all of these pics!


    • 5.2.20
      admin said:

      Thank you, Tracy!

  3. 5.18.20
    Aurora said:

    You look great girl! Such a pretty color! #scsister
    xoxo Aurora

  4. 5.19.20
    Elizabeth O said:

    Beautiful photos with your love. You have such a lovely dress!

  5. 5.20.20
    Stacey said:

    Such great pics!💕

  6. 5.26.20
    Lucy said:

    Your always an inspiration. Love your lifestyle!