Learn How To Trust Your Body When You Are Struggling To Get Pregnant | Tips From a Struggling Mom

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A lot of women struggle with infertility and no one talks about it. However, I’m not like most people and you probably figured this out through my blog posts. TV shows, movies and even commercials have misrepresented how pregnancies don’t really happen right after a wham bam thank you ma’am moment. No, my husband and I had to take the long road.

I would like to share my story about how we had to go through hills and valleys to get pregnant with my first child, Olivia. Just like many aspects of my life, I’ve always liked taking the zig zag route and pregnancy was no different.

Missing the Fertile Window

My husband and I are thinking about having a third child, but we are still unsure if we are ready for another one and right now isn’t the best time to have one either (for myself!)

I know how difficult it is to get pregnant, especially now that I have gotten a bit older (even if I would never admit my age!) Honestly, I am just not sure when the 3rd baby will happen for us.. however, I don’t want to take my chance and do nothing about it either. There are TWO EASY things you should start today, if you haven’t, to increase your chance of getting pregnant.

  1. Track your ovulation days (fertility window)
  2. Buy reliable pregnancy tests

It’s important to know what’s going on with your body and keep track of your ovulation days. My best friend learned that she wasn’t ovulating after she started tracking them and it worked out for her. It’s a good idea to know what’s going on with your body and don’t just assumed everything is fine. We do not only have a fertility window but age also plays a big role and I just don’t like to waste my time.

The Glimmer of Hope

Knowing what we know now, I feel like I am a bit more prepared for the challenges especially with all the fertility technology that are now available to women. Compared to before, I now track and monitor my body. When trying to conceive women nowadays use fertility apps to help keep track of our most fertile days.

But the downside is, apps can only give an estimate of when you ovulate based on historical period data. There are various of those apps that you can download online but quite honestly as someone that went through the hardship of getting conceiving, I know that this doesn’t actually account for what your body is “thinking” when you are considering having a baby.

I’m not saying that apps aren’t useful. But there has to be something to accompany the menstrual cycle trackers that people have which is why I highly recommend Smile Reader’s Ovulation Testing Kit.

Instead of just plugging in your period start and end date, this technology utilizes both offline and online methods to detect if you are ovulating or not, and it has a 99% accuracy rate. The Smile Reader Testing Kit provides you with testing strips and an app that you use to track various factors that can affect your fertility like period, basal body temperature, cervical mucus, sex, notes, symptoms and mood. The Smile Reader app not only made me more confident but it also allowed me to understand my body better.

About SmileReader Ovulation Kits

• With the SmileReader Ovulation Kit, you get free access to the SmileReader app.

• The test strips are easy to use and over 99% accurate

• They take the guesswork out of trying to conceive.

• The kits are available in various size options that include both ovulation and pregnancy tests.

• SmileReader Ovulation Kits are available in various quantities and typically retail for: $3.49 for the 5 LH + 1 HCG kit, $11.89 for the 30 LH + 10 HCG kit, and $13.98 for the 50 LH + 20 HCG kit.

I also highly encourage you stock up with unreliable pregnancy tests because I found out I was pregnant with Olivia before I had a missed period. I’ve also wasted so much money taking multiple tests in on-go just to disappoint myself over and over again. If you were to ask me how I finally found out I was pregnant, it was mostly trial and error.

The 6 days ahead pregnancy test delivered the good news to me and my husband. Since it is designed to detect hCG as early as five days before the expected period date or as early as six days before the day of the missed period, my acupuncture doctor highly recommended them.

Even though I might not get pregnant this year with my third child, nevertheless, I am prepared and that is so important to me!!! Plus, I heard that third time’s a charm so we will see, we still have 7 weeks left of this year. *wink – wink*

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    Why is Kaitlyn so cute? Thank you for sharing with us mamas who struggles with infertility. And wishing you the best in your new journey with baby #3