My Little Pony Birthday Party

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My baby girl, Olivia, has just turned four years old! And of course like every other gushing momma, I got all nostalgic and went on a trip down memory lane, scrolling through old photos of when I was pregnant with her, when we first had her, when it was just me and her hanging all day, me taking her everywhere with me… I can’t believe it, she’s growing up so fast and right in front of my eyes! Naturally, I wanted to do a little something special for her and you all know I’m not one to pass on an opportunity for a styling project!

So tell me, what’s a burst of rainbows, sparkly glitter, and cute little talking ponies? My Little Pony, of course! Since she’s a little bit obsessed with Twilight Sparkle and the rest of the Pony Squad, we did our own mini version of a cozy, budget-friendly, my little pony-themed party at the park with her favorite people.

The weather was great for a picnic day, thankfully. There was no raining in on my Olivia’s birthday parade! It was a super chill afternoon and there were barely any people in the park, so we pretty much had the place to ourselves. Even if it was just us (no friends and family this year), we still a lot of fun and bonding time!

With a budget of $200, some imagination, and a ton of style, I was able to throw Olivia the cutest budget-friendly ‘my little pony’ birthday party. I set the table up with some cute (you’re going to hear the word “cute” a lot in this blog) cool-toned rainbow gradient party plates and party cups from Meri Meri and got a delicious red velvet cake, topped with these huge fresh strawberries from 85C Bakery Cafe. Don’t forget the balloons and I tell you, it made such a difference in presentation!

If you clicked on my page today because you are also looking for some ideas on how to throw your daughter an affordable party then don’t go anywhere because I am going to share some tips and tricks that will help you plan your next budget-friendly birthday too.

  1. Instead of buying a new picnic table, I used my coffee table & carried that heavy round thing to the park by myself. You don’t need to buy anything fancy and use things you already have at home. However, if you have money to spend I would recommend these cute tables from Picnic Tables
  2. Floral centerpiece is a must! I truly think they bring the entire look together. I went with the pastel-colored flower centerpiece from Florae (medium size centerpiece are usually around $50-60). Florae is a local florist I found on Instagram and she make the most stylish floral arrangements. However, right now everyone is also buying dried flowers to keep them longer and Esty carry some cute Dried Flowers as well so check them out!
  3. Don’t forget about your birthday cake- I usually custom order their birthday cakes, but they ususally range anywhere from $100-150 and since it was just us 4- I went went something more affordable! 85C bakery café don’t make fancy cakes, however, they make the best tasty cakes.
  4. Table Setting- don’t over-do everything by buying my little pony everything, instead stick with colors that will compliment the ponies and bring the entire party together. I linked our party decors and where I got them.
  5. Balloon Garlands – DIY or buy them from Wild Child Party.

We brought some round cushions from world market which by the way it keep us comfy on the grass while the girls had a blast running around and just having a really good time. Last but definitely not least, a birthday party is definitely not complete without birthday gifts, singing a happy birthday song, blowing out of the candles, and photos to capture the celebration. Make sure to stop by my Instagram to check out those videos!

I’m really glad that everything came together so perfectly and Olivia loved her little ponies. It was young and fun, but also classy and modern. I’m already thinking about Kaitlyn’s birthday party for next year, yikes is it too soon to plan? Do you have any party theme suggestions? Well before you leave make sure to check out my MUST HAVE ITEMS & stop by my investment page for collaboration opportunities. Send me an email if you would like to work together – until next time, xoxo your cool mom

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