My Unexpected Birth Story and 5 Things I’ve learned About Having a Second Child

Kaitlyn was born on January 5, 2019. However, my expected due date was January 25th 2019 and I had Kaitlyn almost 3 weeks early.

Let’s go back a few months… I was actually 2 weeks late with my first baby, Olivia, so I figured with my second pregnancy it would probably be the same way. I was determined to work until my due-date since I figured I already have everything I need and I didn’t have any medical reasons to be out early.

On January 5th, I woke up around 5am and thought I had pee on myself?! My husband turned on the light to find that I was bleeding and I was bleeding ALOT! I rushed to the bathroom and blood just kept gushing out! I was confused, unsure, but definitely scared. We quickly headed over to labor and delivery and I was immediately admitted to a room. They were alittle concern and unsure at first why I was bleeding so much. As a matter of fact, they warned us that I might have a c-section delivery!?! I called my mom and she was able to say a prayer for us. We waited for my doctor to come back and around 15-20 minutes later all I remember was, “you’re fully dilated and pushing now!!” I was extremely surprised by the news & even though it was good news, I felt completely unprepared!

Five Things I’ve learned About Having a Second Child:

  1. You must always Be Prepared! Make sure you have the number to labor and delivery, but more importantly make sure you know who will help watch your child(ren). If you don’t live close by your family and friends; ask someone who is reliable and make sure you can count on them. Even though our families do not live close by, I am thankful for a cousin who helped and took care of Olivia while we’re at the hospital.
  2. Labor was definitely easier the second time around! It was not only easier, but the healing process was better and I was able to bounce back quicker. I was in and out of delivery less than 2 hours compared to my first pregnancy at 19 hours!?!?! I was able to go out with the girls to the Korean Spa 2 weeks after I came home from the hospital! It was easy breezy!
  3. You can do anything you set your mind to and mama, you are stronger than you think! Women bodies are designed to have babies and you will get through this no matter how hard or painful it is.
  4. Mentally and emotionally, the transition was easier as well. I remembered when I had my first baby and came home from the hospital feeling so alone and depressed. I was told that I did not have postpartum depression, but I did have baby blues where I cried every-day and filled my mind with negative thoughts. However, with my second baby I was more excited about being a mom of two! I was excited to go home and introduced Kaitlyn to her older sister Olivia. I couldn’t wait to do life together and start making memories.
  5. You’ll be surprise how much love your heart can hold! I thought I couldn’t love anyone more than I love Olivia, but I was wrong. I love them both equally and individually, more than I could’ve ever imagine. Olivia was too young to know anything, she didn’t act-out or get jealous. Actually, she was simply not interested! But as time went by she would share her toys with Kaitlyn and give her hugs and kiss! I’d say the best gift we we gave them was each other.

Was your second pregnancy different from your first? Would you say it was easier? the same? or harder?


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  1. 7.9.19
    Lani said:

    My 2nd was a scheduled c-section so it was pretty simple to me. Thanks for sharing your experience.

    • 7.9.19
      admin said:

      Hi Lani, How fast did you recover from a c-section? I’m glad it was a smooth and easy process for you!

  2. 7.9.19
    Lucy Yang said:

    Wow. I cant wait to have a 2nd child.

    • 7.9.19
      admin said:

      Hi Lucy, I am rooting for your success! You are going to love them both so much.