5 Valuable Things To Reflect About On Your Birthday

How often do you make time for reflection?

Birthday celebrations are typically two things: delightful or dreadful. Delightful because this was the day you were born and the one day out of the year when loved ones get to celebrate you. On the flip side, birthdays can also feel dreadful because the idea of aging, your body not looking, feeling, and doing the things it used to do can be pretty scary.

I still remember when I was anxiously waiting for my 16th birthday so I can get my driver’s license and I was beyond excited when I turned 21. I was even excited about turning 30 because I heard that is when you truly become a “woman!?” Silly old me. I used to enjoy celebrating my birthday but as I got older I don’t as much anymore.

There is a saying, “you are only as OLD as you feel!” I think this figure of speech is more about your mental state than your physical health, wouldn’t you agree? As I started to reflect on this, I remembered Oprah once said, “what we dwell on is who we become” and we must not waste our time, but Instead, grab life by the horns and live the life of your dreams.

I spent most of my twenties trying to figure out who I was and what I really wanted in my life. I often found myself settling for less and when things got tough I always took the easy way out because I was young and dumb. As funny as it sound, the value of aging is simply having the confidence to love yourself, own your sh*t and know your self-worth. Ugh, life can be so complicated right!? Young, but dumb- old but wise, or whateva.

If there is one thing I can share with you today in my thirties, it is that life is fragile, no matter how young or old we are, tomorrow is never guaranteed. Last year was really hard for many of us as we lost many close family and friends to covid19. However, it made me realized how lucky I was to be alive, breathing and still have the energy and strength to chase my girls and ultimately, my dreams. I know it will take some reframing of the mind and looking at it differently to just feel content in the now, but I will continue to pray about this and look forward to the best years ahead.

Birthday Outfits:

I want to believe that I have chosen to live my life to the fullest extent and I haven’t let anything hold me back from experiencing a pretty awesome life. As cliché as it sounds, there really is no time like the present and I am grateful for another year of life. To celebrate my birthday this year, my husband took the girls and I out to Oregon and we had the best time ever. We hiked on, who knows, how many trails and discovered so many beautiful waterfalls. Life is all about the special times we have doing what we love with the people we love. I am a blessed woman.

Despite my fears and anxieties, I am looking forward to the next chapter of my life as I turn a year older (and don’t ask me how much older haha!) I am also excited about the crazy adventures that are in store for me and my family, maybe I will have another baby, who knows. Most importantly, I will have more time to blog! I will try to remember to make the most of life and continue to count my blessings. Before I go, I just wanted to say it again here- Thank you mommas for the well-wishes! My heart is so full! I couldn’t have asked for anything more. Your friendship means the world to me and Thank you for following along in my journey. Cheers!

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