Should I Get Professional Newborn Photos?

The newborn stage is short and precious because babies change so much during the first year. Which is why I believe it is important to preserve those memories by capturing them in photos! When I had my girls I got both of my daughters’ newborn photos done professionally and I don’t regret it. Now I can go back and look at them every time I have baby fever. I personally think newborn sessions are so sweet and intimate and I know you won’t regret getting them done either.

I know, I know… newborn photos are expensive!!!!!

Don’t worry mama, because there are so many ways to photograph and capture the newborn stage (we are living in the iphone days)!! As a matter of fact, my sister in law photographed my first born, Olivia in her bathtub!!! Anyway… if you are planning to buy and do your own photo-shoot- then keep on reading:

Make sure to start from a neutral palate because bright colors or busy patterns is distracting and please, avoid the color black! I mean… why didn’t anyone tell me to change my nail colors with Kaitlyn’s newborn photos? Needless to say, go with dreamy colors so you will love your photos forever.


There’s many ways to use a wrap. You can use the wrap as a blanket or cover or as a diaper cover up. I mean… the options are endless. But definitely include some wraps to create

Floral Headband:

Hats and headbands are sweet little accessories! I regret not adding an headband because she had no hair so people always asked me, “what’s his name?” Thank you, but she’s a GIRL! Just choose a color that compliment your wrap.

Make sure you check out my Pink Blush Maternity Post for Mommies inspired outfits! Photography: Miranda North Photography

Have fun & Good Luck!

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  1. 7.7.20
    Song Lor said:

    soooo precious!

  2. 7.18.20

    The pictures are adorable. Your useful tips for photographing a baby is noteworthy.

  3. 7.18.20
    Aleeza Denise said:

    Love the photos! This is definitely mommy goals and to be able to look back on those precious moments

  4. 7.18.20
    Chei said:

    Awww this baby is so adorable. Professional newborn photos are great idea its an unforgettable moment to all the family.

  5. 7.18.20
    Viano said:

    Awwwn. These are so cute. I think it depends on the what the parents decide. With smartphones and technology these days, DIY photoshoots wouldn’t be bad either. People will go for what they deem fit. Nice pos.

  6. 7.19.20
    Kemi said:

    Too cute! I’d so totally get one if/when I have a newborn. No need for an expensive pro photog, good smartphone, accessories, neutral palette, and you’re good.

  7. 7.19.20

    Great tips for photographing new borns. Not a decision I’ve had to make, but I think I’d do it myself. I’be be more likely to spend $ on photos of the family as a whole rather than one child.

  8. 7.19.20
    Monidipa said:

    New born pictures are so precious. Money isnt an issue but these memories should be captures.

  9. 7.20.20
    Clarice said:

    Wow! I have always been curious and how do they do the wraps in all those beautiful newborn photos. Thank you for sharing these many ways on how to use it. Can’t wait to have our DIY photoshoot.

  10. 7.23.20
    Khushboo said:

    New born pics are really very cute. We have also done professional photography of our nephew

  11. 8.1.20
    Keisha Picart said:

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