Six Ways to Make Your Postpartum Life Easier

Congratulations, Mama! YOU DID IT! From pregnancy to delivery and now you’re on the way to postpartum or what everyone calls the recovering stage! I had a vaginal delivery with no serious complications, however, never have I ever imagine how hard postpartum was going to be until it happened to me. I was in active labor for 19 hours and pushed for 2 hours?! I was completely numb from my hips down to my legs and it took 8 hours after delivery to feel my legs again. After going through this, I realized I didn’t prepare for postpartum recovery. As a matter of fact, I didn’t even think about it until I was recovering.

  1. You will be sore (down-there) for awhile. However, when you leave the hospital they will give you a postpartum care kit (dermoplast pain relieving spray, perineal bottles, underpads, witch-hazel, cold packs, and granny panties) but you should ask for more! Listen carefully they will give you “some” but it won’t even last you through the week so don’t be shy to ask for more because sister you will need them!
  2. Epsom salt bath or SITZ bath will help relieve some pain. No-one really talks about it, but it is good for you and it’s meant to help ease the swelling and aching.
  3. Self-care is crucial. Make sure you make time for yourself every-day and it doesn’t have to be big like traveling to Greece, but don’t forget about yourself. You are important too!
  4. Connect with other mamas and accept any help you can get because it is really hard especially when it’s your first baby! Make sure to ask questions and talk through your struggles. Don’t discredit your feelings and don’t be shy because moms don’t judge! If anything, they will understand you more than anyone else!
  5. Baby Blues is very normal. Be easy on yourself and embrace the changes. If you find yourself crying over things that usually don’t bother you, or if you’re constantly sad and worrying if you’re a good mother it’s all normal and everything is going to be okay.
  6. Get plenty of rest! Just remember that your body will take longer to heal if you’re not fully resting. Sleep more and let your husband take care of baby, if you’re husband is back at work just make sure you sleep too when he gets home.

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