Hey there Mamas-To-Be!

Is your hospital bag packed yet? I highly recommend to start packing as soon as you enter your 3rd trimester and there’s a good reason for this! Although Olivia came a week late for me, sometimes these babies can come up to 4 weeks early. It is better to prepare ahead than go into labor without all the necessities to make it through those few days in the hospital. I am going to help you get one less thing off your to-do list with my Must-Haves in your hospital bag that you’ll actually need and use to make your overnight stay smooth and comfortable.


  1. A going-home outfit! 
  2. Headband!
  3. Toothbrush!  
  4. Socks… because your feet might get cold!


  1. Of course, an installed car seat. 
  2. A going-home outfit – preferably two bodysuits.   
  3. A pair of hat, sock, and mitten to keep baby warm. 
  4. Blankets: (two saddles is all you need.) 

FYI: The hospital provide diapers and formulas & they will give you extras to take home too – so no need to bring your own. I wouldn’t recommend going the extra mile and pack diapers, books, pillows, lip balm, shampoo, music, headphones, bathrobe which I personally think is a waste of space. You might be one of those lucky few who’s in and out of the hospital and home before bedtime or you might be just too exhausted to do anything, but sleep!

Hopefully this packing list has inspired you to get packin’! Was there anything you wished you didn’t pack or wished you packed? Share your experiences below in the comments!

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  1. 12.22.18

    Love this blog! I'm expecting my first baby so this was super helpful! I'm going to start preparing my bag soon.

  2. 12.24.18

    Thank you! And congratulations on your bundle of joy! We are excited to meet Z!

  3. 1.15.19
    Jocelyn said:

    Loving the blog! Such helpful tips for those mamas to be. Alsooo love that pink bag!