Top 10 Best Places to Take a Toddler in Orange County (Mommy Approved)

  1. Indoor playgrounds: I love indoor playgrounds because there’s no dirt/sand involved. They’re fun and more safe since it is a closed-off play area where the kids can only play within a certain proximity!
  2. Lido Marina Village: Love this area! It’s so beautiful! The scenery is just a cherry on top, but there’s so much room and space for your little one to run around! They also host a monthly Little Lido Kids Club that entertains your toddler with story telling & crafts! 
  3. Newport Beach: (FYI – It is down the street from Lido Marina Village!) It is one of my favorite beach in Orange County – why? Because we can rent bikes for under $5 and there’s a really cool playground that faces beach! It’s pretty amazing.
  4. Anaheim Packing District: This is my favorite spot if you’re looking for good food and music! Of course babies are welcome which is the best part! They have 2 levels of different food chains + ice cream and boba teas! Highly recommended!
  5. South Coast Plaza: This is my favorite mall + favorite place to take Olivia during the weekdays! Olivia has been riding their carousel since she was 6 months old! It’s now a family tradition for us, but we love to shop here and bring Olivia here for fun times. There’s always something to do or an activity offered by the carousel!
  6. Downtown San Clemente: I usually take Olivia here to window shop! I love the vibe here & the Spanish style architecture here is gorgeous! 
  7. SOCO & The OC Mix: If you follow us on Instagram you know that we take the girls here at least once a month – it’s a really trendy + cool place! It has good coffee and good food! yes GOOD COFFEE! They also have tons of boutiques & home stores. It’s wide, open, and spacious for the kids to run around and on the plus side: they have Susie’s cake!!! Must I say more? It’s perfect!
  8. Mission San Juan Capistrano: I was completely blown away by the beauty here + there’s some much history! From the museum to Zoomars (petting zoo) It’s literally an all day event here! and a great spot for Instagram photos!
  9. Crystal Cove Beach: I love that this beach is secluded + (very private), but it’s open to the public. Crazy enough, you actually enter the beach through beachcomber café which btw has really good food and drinks! It’s another great spot for Instagram photos & of course fun for the kiddos! 
  10. Spectrum: If you’ve been wanting to visit the Hello Kitty Café? Hello – it’s here at Spectrum! They have a movie theater, train rides, a Ferris wheel and tons of activities to keep your little ones happy! They also have live music/shows/concerts throughout spring and summer! 

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