The Ultimate Oregon Coast Road Trip: Everything You Need To Know

From Irvine, California to Portland, OR

We tried something new and went on the famous Oregon Coast road trip! It was a long drive from Irvine, CA to Portland, OR but goodness… I have no words for how breathtaking the scenery was. Totally worth the drive and we plan to do it again in the near future.

We started in Sacramento where we spent a few days with our family and friends. On April 25, we left Sacramento and drove out to Redwood National Park. We drove through the Avenue of the Giants which was a total of 31 miles on the map, but it took us almost 3 hours from start to finish. We parked on the side of road, hiked the groves and made multiple stops to take pictures. There are a lot of great spots for photos, picnic areas, and camping sites for those who want to spend the night. I highly recommend Avenue of the Giants for everyone planning a trip to Redwood.


Location: Oregon, USA

When to go: year round, though early fall is great for nice weather.

Weather: highs over 62°F while the low temperatures below 43°F

Closest airport: Portland International Airport

Getting around: renting a car is highly recommended

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Afterwards, we drove an hour north to Fern Canyon Loop Trail and spent our first night there. A little fun fact: they filmed Jurassic Park 2 in Fern Canyon and we were really excited to see it in person. It was a very short 1.1 mile hike trial that follow a stream. My husband and I believe that dinosaurs probably lived here a billion years ago! It felt magical to be there and I’d love to come back for some real family photos. Also for anyone who plans to visit soon: make sure you bring rain boots NOT hiking shoes- the ground is quite damp and you’re practically walking on small rocks and water throughout the entire hike. The girls had so much fun though!

The early next morning, we continued our drive along the coast and drove to Samuel Boardman State Scenic Corridor. It was as lovely and scenic as the name suggests. Word of advice: The Oregon coastal drive is very swirling and windy, must pay attention to the road or you will drive right into the ocean. So, let’s talk about the Natural Bridges- we heard beautiful, it’s popular, but there is no parking available and I don’t recommend going during the busy season. Also the hiking trails in this area is quite steep so be very careful; but if you decide not to hike, you will still get an amazing view.

In the area, we also stopped by Arch Rock, a cool place to set up a family picnic and have lunch. It also reminded me of Edward and Bella’s wedding from the movie, Twilight. We also hiked to a secret beach (it’s called the secret beach) which is a bit tricky to get in, but it was so worth the time. My husband was so nervous about this beach I didn’t get to bring my camera and I have no photos to share.

On April 27, we drove to Cannon Beach to see the famous Hackstack Rock. To be honest, it reminded us alot of Malibu which is perfectly fine because they’re both beautiful, but wished we had stay longer in Samuel Boardman and drove to Seattle instead (which we had to skip out because we didn’t have enough time to drive out to Seattle too). Cannon Beach is gorgeous though and I still recommend the beach if you are not from southern California.

While you are in Cannon Beach, make sure to stop by Ecola State Park because the view is Amazing. I mean everywhere in Oregon is seriously so beautiful and we don’t know why we waited so long to visit.

Hotel Recommendation:

Land’s End at Cannon Beach

263 E 2nd St, Cannon Beach, OR 97110

The following day, we visited Multnomah Falls and stopped by a few hiking trails in the area as well. What I love about Oregon is how lush and green everything is and considering that I am from California where its yellow and we barely get any rain- I loved it. That evening we also witnessed the most perfect sunset ever and that made me love Portland even more. Fun Story: I never thought I would see Multnomah Falls again, I actually visited Portland many, many years ago and I finally made it back after 7+ years.

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Embassy Suites Portland

319 SW Pine St PortlandOR

On April 29, we drove over to the Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm which was 45 minutes from Portland. Due to Covid restrictions, you have to book in advance to gain access, but we were able to book the last hour before the farm closed. We also stayed until 7-8pm to catch the golden hour in a sea of pretty tulips in full bloom and it was truly magical!! The only regret I had was wearing a black dress, UGH! JK They also have a lot of activities and a big slide for the kids to enjoy during working hours. If you want to try and catch next year’s blooms they open from March 18 to May 1, 2022.

On April 30, we left Portland early in the morning and drove to Toketee Falls. We hiked down to the lake and walked along the river down to the waterfall. The hike was super easy and kid-friendly roughly around 45 minutes. We took our time and spent a few hours out here exploring. We met a few bloggers and hikers as well, but there was really no one out there so be careful.

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Hampton Inn & Suites Roseburg

1620 NW Mulholland Dr, Roseburg, OR 97470

That night, we drove a hour to Crater Lake and spent the night there. The best part about Crater Lake was the ten feet of snow!!! It was very cold and we stayed mainly in the car while daddy explored the place by himself. We did see a few night campers walked by and I heard it’s pretty magical at night, but we did not stay that late. I would love to come back here when it’s warmer and camp here.

On our last day, we stopped by McCloud Falls the middle and lower part of the waterfall. The middle waterfall was a longer hike and the waterfall was obviously much prettier. And yes I saw some people swam in that COLD water. However, I am not sure how they did it though because my foot literally froze from only dipping my feet. We did stopped by the Mossbrae Falls, but last minute, we decided not to go because the girls were tired and my husband wanted me to go alone. Since I didn’t get to see it this time, I am definitely coming back another time. Burney Falls is also in the area and I might say it’s one of the prettiest I’ve seen.

After our time on the road, we drove back to Sacramento and spent a few nights there before we finally headed home. I heard traveling can be addicting and I am already planning for my next road trip! Where should we head to next? Yellowstone?!?! Before you head out please stop by my Los Angeles Hotel Review

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