Utah National Parks | Road-Tripping During the Pandemic with Kids

Road tripping during the pandemic looks entirely different now compared to what we are used to (and love)! Especially if you are travelling with two very energetic and curious kids. As a matter of fact, my husband and I talked for weeks before we made a decision about taking the girls to Utah National Park. We had to go through different scenarios and planned everything with extra caution. Due to the ongoing pandemic and social distancing restrictions we figured there will be less people or none for that matter and it was probably the best time to go.

We also agreed that we needed to watch more sunsets and less Netflix. We decided to hit the road and travel with the kids from Southern California to Colorado and back to Utah National Parks. A round trip of 40+ hours on the road and a trip that we will never forget.

Arches National Park

After we left Colorado, we stopped by and visited two of Utah’s National Parks. The first was Arches National Park and for someone that doesn’t particularly enjoy hiking like me, I had so much fun! I also love that the trails weren’t too difficult for our girls and it was shaded for most of the journey. Arches National Park is pretty big and wide and I’ve heard from people that you can spend an entire week exploring Arches. Sadly we only spent one day here and went on 2 hiking trails. However, with kids, I’d say 2 trails is not bad in my book.

If you haven’t been to Utah’s National Parks, I’m telling you, you are missing out. Utah has a different kind of natural magic that you just need to see for yourself.

We realized that this trip has made us appreciate the beauty of nature even more and mind you, the entire time we made sure to take protective measures. We wore our mask and practice social distancing. It wasn’t easy making theses changes to our typical routine but it was all worth it. We had an amazing, but very safe road trip experience, that’s for sure!

Bryce National Park

We also stopped by Bryce National Park the next day which was only 3 hours away from Arches. Bryce was my absolute favorite place in the whole wide world. Its hoodoos, spires and red rock colors contrasting with the vivid pine greens were so picturesque (and yes IG worthy!!!) and breathtaking. Compared to the Arches National Park, the landscape in Bryce Park was not so kid-friendly. If you plan to visit make sure you bring hiking shoes because I was not dressed for their trails. Nonetheless, we still really enjoyed the view and this much needed break from the city.

I hope my photography was able to capture the beauty and inspire you to take a small road trip with your family. It’s been so long since we traveled anywhere with the kids and we had so much fun. I believe we made the right decision in pushing forward with this trip and our eyes don’t lie, but they were gleaming with joy.

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  1. 12.16.20

    Beautiful national parks!

  2. 12.17.20
    Bri said:

    What an amazing trip to take during the pandemic! It’s gorgeous and you look beautiful as well!

    • 12.21.20
      admin said:

      Aww Thank you so much for your kind words! We had so much fun while practicing social distancing & wearing our mask! We also love that noone was around and the girls had all the space to run around. Thanks again for your kind words.

  3. 12.17.20
    Monica Simpson said:

    Absolutely stunning views! I definitely am adding this to my bucket travel list.

    • 12.21.20
      admin said:

      Bryce is my favorite place! But Arches is also beautiful too!! So many great places to see!

  4. 12.17.20
    Ashley T said:

    Y’all saw some amazing and beautiful views! Would love to visit here with my family one day.

  5. 12.17.20
    Halimeh Salem said:

    Beautiful place to visit. Thanks for sharing.

  6. 12.17.20
    Diana said:

    It looks like a beautiful park! Amazing photos! I would love to visit it some day!

    • 12.21.20
      admin said:

      Thank you!

  7. 12.18.20

    It’s a park?? OMG!! My daughter and I will be there everyday.. so beautiful.

    • 12.21.20
      admin said:

      It’s a national park, babe! yes, the beauty was out of this world!