What Does It Actually Mean to “Dress Like a Mom”?

…Tell me! Is there really a thing as “mom” clothes? I’ve heard of mom jeans, but those are actually pretty cool! Since becoming a mom, I’ve been hearing the phrase “dress more like a mom” being thrown out by anyone & everyone- even women who are moms themselves! I read an article the other day where a daughter told her mom, “you don’t shop at Hollister! You’re too old! Why are you trying to relive your teenage years?!” My reaction was, does a “mom” shop exist? I mean last I checked, ones style was an individual choice! I take pride in my unique style. It just saddens me that after becoming a mom we now have to also face the expectations of having to dress like one too. Who made up that rule?

Speaking on the behalf of all moms; I just want to put it out there that we are just like anyone else! We eat, breathe and sleep just like everyone…we want the same things in life just like everyone. I guess the only difference is we have little humans that rule our lives at the moment, but we still deserve our individuality. I spent years building a wardrobe of pieces that make me happy and in some small way, the things I wear defines who I am (not my status, my age, or my gender.) All I’m saying is Moms shouldn’t feel the need to be conformed in a “mom-box.” They should proudly wear what makes them feel good and most importantly, what defines them and not what society labels them.

Location: Fresno, CA

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